Our Story

In the fall of 2019 I went searching for picture frames for some artwork and photographs we wanted to display in our own home and was unsatisfied with the options available. I set out to make a couple of frames to meet my immediate need and then continued making them as gifts before eventually offering a few for sale at the local Farmers Market. Picture frames are far from the only thing we do but they were the first pieces I offered for sale.

As a child I was fortunate to spend time in my Grandfather's well equiped workshop in Pennsylvania where he turned bowls, built furniture, and created toys, rocking horses, and scooters for us children all of which we cherished.

Creating quality pieces which will stand the test of time while being subtle and beautiful is my goal.

My workshop is located in the barn attached to our 19th century farmhouse at the base of Mt Kearsarge in Warner NH.

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